Friday, January 23, 2015

Dehydrated Chili

Chili Recipe Simon C.
Rating ***** of *****
-Ground Beef----------------------------------------------------------1 Pound
-Onions---------------------------------------------------------------------1 1/2
-Garlic----------------------------------------------------------------- 6 cloves
-Carrots---------------------------------------------------------------- 6 large
-Celery----------------------------------------------------------------- 3 sticks
-Bell Pepper--------------------------------------------------------1 Chopped
-Jalapeno Pepper--------------------------------------------------1 Chopped
-Tomatoes------------------------------------------------------------ 3 Cubed
-Tomato Paste-----------------------------------------------------------1 can
-Kidney Beans-------------------------------------------------------1 Lrg Can
-Black Beans---------------------------------------------------------1 Lrg Can
-Chili Powder----------------------------------------------------------To Taste
-Oregano ---------------------------------------------------------------1 TBSP
-Cayenne powder------------------------------------------------------1 TBSP
-Marble Cheese-------------------------------------------------------Optional

-Place the ground beef in a large pot and put in the garlic and the onions. Cook over medium heat until browned.

-Add Carrots, Celery and peppers cook until the carrots are softened.

- Next add tomatoes, tomato paste , chili powder,, oregano,and cayenne. Stir together, cover pot, and then reduce the heat to medium low. Simmer for 45min, stirring occasionally.

-Put on tray in oven at 170 C with the oven door
open and heat for 24h- 30h or until completely dry

-To rehydrate put in a Container and fill with water
until you reach the top of the chili wait 12 hours
add extra water if required after 12 hours

-Heat on Medium until it reaches a simmer

-Serve with Cheese on top (Optional)

This recipe was an overall success, I enjoyed it and so did everyone else. It kept its flavor very well seeing as I had kept it dehydrated nearly four months. It had great taste and I would not change anything if I were to make this recipe again.

"Chili." Interview with Simon. page 0. Print.

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