Sunday, January 23, 2011

Dehydrated Apples

rating ***

2 apples , knife , lemon juice , bowl , cup of water ,parchment paper cinnamon and a stove

  1. peel cut the apple cores out of the apples then slice them.
  2. Put the apples into a bowl with a tbsp of lemon juice and a cup of water
  3. let the apples sit for a few minutes then take out of the bowl
  4. put parchment paper on a tray and then put the apples on the tray
  5. sprinkle as much cinnamon on the apples as you want
  6. Put apples in a stove for 12 hours at 150 degrees f

we were running out of time to dehydrate the apples so we decided to use a stove insted of using the dehydrator at school it would of took more time but in the end the dehydrated apples turned out great its somthing i would consider doing in the future they came out better then i thought i would recommend this recipy to any 1

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