Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Crescent Rolls

So my ‘recipes’ are not really recipes, you see I really didn’t really make anything, just cook it.

I completed my Dutch oven assignment on the white water canoe trip. It was really simple and really yummy!

To make crescent rolls in a Dutch oven all you need is:

• Pillsbury Crescent Roll Dough
• 40 coals
• Tin foil

All you do is roll up the crescent rolls according to the package and place them in the Dutch oven. Then you place ten hot white coals (which have been heated in a fire) underneath the oven, and the rest on top, unless you are doing a double Dutch oven, like we did, then you place twelve on top of the first Dutch oven (that already has eight under it) and the second Dutch oven on top of that, with the rest of the coals on top. You finish it with the best part, wrapping the whole thing in tin foil. If there are two of you one person can hold the tin foil in place while the other runs around the Dutch oven in circles to cover all of it. Then you just wait. There is no exact time to when they will be done, just wait until you can smell them.

This was pretty fool proof to make, and they turned out being just what we needed to wake up on the cold morning.

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