Monday, June 14, 2010

Cherry Pineapple dehydration

Rating ****

Drain Canned Sliced pineapples and marashino cherries on paper towels.
Place pineapples on trays with cherry in the center of each.

We left the cherries and pineapples in the dehydrator overnight and when we checked them the next day in class, they looked ready to eat. The pineapples didn't shrink around the cherry the way we thought they would, so next time it might be a better idea to try using pineapple slices with smaller holes in the middle. The cherries were verry good and I thought they tasted like candy, so we made another batch of cherries that night for the next day because we had extras.

Dried Fruit Recipes. June 14, 2010.

Lauren and Nicole :)

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  1. The cherries were absolutely delicious! They tasted like candy they were so sweet. The pineapple was not as good as the cherries, but would still be a great snack to have on a long trip. I would most certainly take both the cherries and pineapple with me on one of my long trips.