Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Strawberry Dehydration

Things You'll Need:

* Strawberries
* Dehydrator (OR)
* Cookie Sheet

1. Step 1
Wash, dry and hull firm, ripe strawberries.
2. Step 2
With a thin, sharp knife, slice the strawberries into one quarter inch slices.
3.Step 3
Arrange the strawberry slices on the dehydrator trays. Don't let the edges overlap.
4.Step 4
If you don't have a dehydrator, arrange the slices on a parchment lined cookie sheet and place in the sun.
5.Step 5
Let the slices dry until they are dry to the touch and pliable. Store in an airtight container or zip-lock bag.

Allie & Jessika :)

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