Monday, November 29, 2010

Peach Cobbler

Rating: *** (and a half)

* 6 jumbo cans of sliced peaches in heavy syrup; drain only 3 cans
* 2 boxes of white or vanilla cake mix
* 1 stick of butter

How to make it
* A cast Iron dutch oven is ESSENTIAL for this recipe, nothing else works.
* Layer 1: Drain 3 cans of peaches and put in cast iron dutch oven
* Add 3 more cans of peaches, do not drain liquid, to the dutch oven
* Layer 2: Pour both boxes of cake mix over the top of peaches (do not stir)
* Layer 3: Slice up one stick of butter into little pats and drop all over the top of cake mix
* Put the lid on the dutch oven and put in the campfire, near hot coals, not on the hot coals.
* Place hot coals on top of the dutch oven lid. VERY IMPORTANT.
* In about 20 minutes, give the dutch oven a 180 degree turn, to insure an even bake.
* In about 20 more minutes, check under the lid.
* Dessert is finished when peaches are soft and caramelized, juice will really thicken, you will have a hot, bubbly , golden brown, topping.
* Don't let the dutch oven turn all glowing red, it'll burn

Surprisingly, for a first time Dutch oven users, the peach cobbler turned out great! Right off the start we ran into a small problem. The cobbler did not all fit into one 12' Dutch oven. We could fit in all the peaches but we could not fit in the cake mix on top. After splitting the cobbler into 2 Dutch ovens we were all set to start cooking. The preparing itself only took about 10 minutes. We now had 2 Dutch ovens to look after so we stacked them, coals on the bottom, in the middle and on top. This worked out well for us. Once the cobbler was done we looked at it and my first thought was "wow looks like baby mush." Despite the look it smelled amazing! When it cooled down and solidified that is when it looked good too. Our peach cobbler turned out great; it was delicious warm and cold. I defiantly recommend this recipe for anyone with a Dutch oven looking for a yummy camping trip dessert.

Apple Crisp

Rating: *** Good

-4 pounds of apples
-half a box of quick oats (oatmeal)
-1/4 cup cinnamon
-1 pound dark brown sugar
-1-1/2 sticks of butter
-handful or 2 of water
-caramel sauce, for topping

Core and slice apples into a 12-inch Dutch oven (or large baking pan if you are trying it at home), filling it to approximately 2 inches from the top. Mix cinnamon, oats, and brown sugar with your hands in a separate bowl until well mixed, fine and crumbly. Dump oat mix on top of the apples, evenly spread it out over the apples and push everything down firmly in the pan. Top with sliced butter pieces and sprinkle with a little water before you put the lid on. You can also add some more water sprinkles on top if it looks too dry during cooking. Cook about 35-45 minutes or until it smells like cobbler. Dutch oven cooking time may vary. In the oven at home it's pretty consistent at 350 degrees for about 40 minutes. The ingredient amounts are all flexible; it has never turned out bad! This recipe comes out juicy, with a thick sauce and a crunchy crust. Prefer a thinner crust? Reduce topping materials. Too juicy for you? Reduce butter and water. I usually put all the dry things together in a zipper bag. One less task at camp.

Set aside 20 minutes for prep time.
Count on at least 1 hour cooking time.

The Apple Crisp was good in taste for sure, the presentation was alittle lacking but I think if i were to try it again I could make it alot better.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Chocolate Turtle Cake

Hey everybody this is my Dutch oven recipe I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I have.

Chocolate turtle cake:
½ cup of water
½ cup of milk
10 oz package of miniature marshmallows
1 cup of melted butter
1 package of Werthers caramels soft (10-14 oz)
1 cup of brown sugar
½ tsp of baking soda
1 chocolate cake mix
1 cup of finely crushed peanuts
2 eggs

Instructions: line 12 inch Dutch oven with foil or grease well. Mix cake mix with all of the above ingredients, except the caramels. Pour the mix into the Dutch oven and then sprinkle the top with unwrapped caramels. Cook over low coals for 20-25 minutes or until cake is firm with the lid on. You can also save the peanuts and put them on top when you’re putting the caramels onto the top of the cake.
This is my recipe and I hope you’ll enjoy it everybody and please give me your feedback afterwards. Feedback is always good for improving this family recipe. Thanks, Brianna Allen