Monday, January 23, 2012

Hearty Nacho Pie- Étienne Rhéaume

By: Étienne Rhéaume

Rating: ****


6 flat, circular pita breads

500g-1000g of Kraft TexMex cheese (depending on how much you love it)

10-15 slices of turkey

1 bag of Tostitos chips

Salsa (you may add salsa on the top of the pie after cooking it for a spicier taste)

Total Calories: 5 450


Place 3 pita breads in the bottom of the pot

Cover pita bread with slices of turkey

Cover turkey with Tostitos

Cover Tostitos with mounts cheese

Place more pita breads

Place more turkey slices

Place more Tostitos

Place more a lot of cheese

Serves: 3-8, depending on appetite and craving of nachos

At first, when I opened my bag and took all the food I had brought for my cooking out, people around me did not seem very optimistic: mounds of cheese and chips and pitas and meat.

Bus once we got the fire going and got this thing cooking, I was more and more impatient to se the result (and getting hungrier). When I took the cover off, I was amazed at the sight: beautiful golden melted cheese on top of Tostitos, basicallysome nachos, except 4 inches high.

It was quite unforunate that I couldn't finish before the bell ring, as the class did not get to taste my invention.

If someone wanted to make this, I would first of all tell them that if they are actively watching their weight, this is a bad idea. At 5 450 calories, this is the unhealthiest thing I have ever cooked. Otherwise, it was absolutely succulent.

A couple tips for anyone wanting to recreate this monster would be to leave it on until you can see the meat under is cooked. Mine was very warm and tasty, but did not have the golden crust I was hoping for.

Really tasty, will fill you up real quick, so it can feed many people.

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  1. Dutch Oven assignment

    Marble cake

    1 ½ cup of water
    ¼ cup of cocoa powder
    1 cup of lite brown suger
    1 marble cake mix; prepared as directed
    ( eggs can be replaced by sprite)

    Line the bottom, top and sides of a 12" Dutch oven with heavy foil. Mix the water, cocoa powder, and brown sugar together and pour into the Dutch oven. Pour prepared chocolate marble cake mix into dutch oven. Stir and cover.
    Cover oven and bake using 8-10 briquettes bottom and 14-16 briquettes top for 60 minutes.
    Serve warm with whipped cream.( if u have some)
    Serves: 8-10
    Recipe Rating: good
    (hint: if you want your cake to be more marble looking take the chocolate powder and mix it in the blend last. It doesn't have to be mixed through the whole bowl)