Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sprite Devil's Food Chocolate Cake

Rating ****

1 Box - Devil's Food Chocolate Cake Mx

1 Container of Chocolate Icing

1 591 mL Bottle of Sprite

1 Container of Margarine

1 Dutch Oven

Step 1: Dump contents of cake mix into a mixing bowl.

Step 2: Open bottle of Sprite and pour about a quarter (1/4) of it into the mixing bowl, stir well.

Step 3: Pour another quarter of the bottle in, once again stir well (try and make sure there are no clumps in your mix

Step 4: Only if necessary, add more Sprite, you should have about a quarter or slightly more by the time the mix is ready, if you've used the whole bottle you've used too much.

Step 5: Take some margarine and evenly spread around the inside of the dutch oven, covering the bottom and halfway up the sides. This serves to oil it, like a pan, so your cake won't stick and burn.

Step 6: Pour contents of mixing bowl into the dutch oven and evenly distribute.

Step 7: Cook for approx. 15 to 20 minutes using normal dutch oven procedures, i.e. spreading the hot coals evenly around the bottom and a few on the lid, wrap in tin foil if required.

Step 8: When ready, let cool, either lift it out or simply turn the oven over and dump it onto a plate or whatever (if the cake falls apart while dumping its been in too long, it should retain enough moister to hold it together).

Step 9: Cover top of the cake with icing in whatever fashion tickles your fancy

Step 10: Serve!!

Note from experience: Keep a keen nose on your cake, as soon as you can start to smell it, check on it, because after that it cooks very quickly and mine burned the first go around. It is more likely to take less than the longest suggested time, so check it often if you need to!

  • My source for this recipe, is Mr. B himself, he taught me how on our canoe trip.

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