Monday, January 17, 2011


Dehydration Assignment
By: Shannon & Ariana
* 6 Bananas
* Three cups of lemon juice

* Put Three cups of lemon juice in a medium sized bowl
* Peel the bananas
* Cut the bananas in thin slices and place in the lemon juice
* Let the bananas sit in the lemon juice for at least five minutes to prevent browning.
Once they’ve sat in the lemon juice for five minutes;
* Place the slices on cooling sheets that are placed in a cookie sheet so all the access liquid will drain into the cookie sheets
* Oven should be at the lowest setting (100 degrees)
* Place slices in oven
* The slices should be flipped every hour, to an hour and thirty minutes
* The banana slices should be left in for 18 to 24 depending on how ripe the banana is.

For this project we did the one thing Mr. Brouwer told us not to do and that was leaving it to the end of the semester. Overall, the banana chips turned up terrible even though we followed the instructions they still turned into possibly the worst things I have tasted. I can honestly say that we tried we put a lot of effort into this and it was disappointing with the final result.

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