Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Dehydrated ground beef and pasta sauce

Dehydrated ground beef and pasta sauce

About 1/2 lb of ground beef
300mL of pasta sauce

Cook the ground beef fully in a skillet on medium heat
Buy a jar of pasta sauce or make your own home-made
Put ground beef on one tray of a dehydrator, and about 1/2" thick of pasta sauce on the other.
Dehydrate for 24 hours.
Soak ground beef and pasta sauce in seperate containers of hot water for about 2 hours.
Then boil over fire and add water until you find a good consistency.

Overall this recipe was a good one. It contains 2 of the 4 food groups: Meat and alternatives from the ground beef and vegetables from the tomato sauce. I think that the ground beef would be better fresh, since it's still a little crunchy when it's re-hydrated. It takes a long time to get re-hydrated, but it's pretty easy to do it. It would be a good thing to look forward to after a long hike and a good way to get protein also.

By Ben Morris

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