Thursday, January 19, 2012

Banana Peanut Butter leather

rating - no stars

Banana Peanut Butter leather:
1 cup of peanut butter (suggested to use natural)
4 Bananas
-Blend peanut butter and bananas together until smooth
-Place in dehydrator for 4-6 hours

So Kelsey and I chose this recipe because it sounded pretty good. Neither of us had natural peanut butter so we figured it would be fine just using regular breakfast peanut butter... Boy were we wrong!!

We blended it all together and started putting it in the dehydrator. We couldn't agree on weather you put it on the plastic sheet or not. I said yes, Kelsey said no. So we went with no because it is her dehydrator and she thought we were going to burn her house down.

We put plastic wrap (which probably is more flammable then the plastic tray) onto the layers of the dehydrator. We checked it every few hours and it was still gooey and gross looking.

I had to leave after 6 hours, but when I left they were still not finished. I texted Kelsey later that night and she said they still were not finished, so she left them in over night.

They were in for almost 24 hours. When Kelsey showed the final product to me, I refused to try it. It looked disgusting, brown blobs with white spots on them....Yeah no thank you!

I took a small bite of one at school during our presentation and I had to spit it out, it was nasty.

I would NOT suggest this recipe to anyone unless they want to try it with natural peanut butter.

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