Friday, January 20, 2012

Dehydrated-Banana chips

Rating: **** (if not overcooked) 
This was an easy and quick preparation, my mistake was i had to leave it there overnight, therefore i couldn't keep an eye on it. The thicker the slices are the longer it takes to dehydrate, only realizing this from my burnt to a crisp banana chips. I had sliced them way too slim to be in the dehydrator for 18+ hours. I finished these off with about 2 cups of melted chocolate chips by spreading a thin layer on top, even I didnt want to try them. These banana chips are light, small and easy to pack in your bag and add to oatmeal,yogurt or have it as a quick snack on the trail!

number of servings: 17

Ingredients-17 overriped bananas
- .25 cup of lemon juice


-Peel and slice the banana chips with a 1/4 inch thickness.
-Soak in lemon juice for 15 seconds
-Place a single layer of the slices on a rack from the dehydrator
-Turn on high (154F) for about 24 to 32 hours.
-Peel chips off, and let them have time to cool.

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