Monday, January 17, 2011

Crescent Rolls!!

Alright so here's something to cook in a dutch oven that's super easy and straightforward! What is it, you ask? It's crescent rolls! What do you need to make these, you ask? I'll tell you! You need:

- some Pilsbury Crescent Roll dough (available at your local grocer for approximately 3$)
- a dutch oven (available in the outdoor ed room)
- tin foil (also sold at grocery stores)
- 40 coals (obtainable from a gas station or if you're really bad all year, from Santa.)
- a super rad fire!! (not everyone is capable, so if you need help, ask a grade 12)

First things first. Start your super rad fire. Preferably away from buildings, forests, and children. Next, put all 40 coals into your super rad fire and leave them there to get white hot. While they're heating up, you can roll the crescents into crescent rolls. Open the package, try to follow the directions to make it look normal and don't feel bad that your crescent roll looks more like a dilapidated snake than actual crescent rolls. It takes practice. Then put them in the dutch oven, not too close together because you don't want one giant pouf of crescent roll in the end, and put the lid on the oven. By now your coals should be white, so remove them one by one from the fire with tongs (DON'T USE YOUR HANDS-THEY COALS ARE EXTREMELY HOT!!!) and place a few under the dutch oven and a few on the lid. This allows what's inside to cook equally and not just on one side. Then wrap the tin foil around and above the oven, covering as much as you possibly can. The tin foil decreases the amount of heat loss and lets your food cook better and quicker. Finally, after a few check-ups and such, when it smells just about right, make an announcement to everyone around you that something wonderful is about to happen so they gather round and prepare to be amazed, for when you open the lid to the dutch oven you will see nothing other than pure perfection; beautiful crescent rolls ready to jump into your mouth for the start of a very awesome day.

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