Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Menu Evaluation

Hiking Trip Menu Evaluation

For the hiking trip my group took nine eggs, salt, one loaf of bread, 12 packages of Mr. Noodles, a pack of bacon, 6 apples red/green, two boxes of crackers, cheddar cheese, fajitas, hot dogs and a ton of chewy bars.

On the first day for lunch Jacob cooked the fajitas, and we had a few of the chewy bars. For dinner we had the hot dogs and Martin and I ate most of the eggs and the bread. We also had a bit of the cheese as a snack at night in the tent along with the. For the second day we ate some apples, the Mr. Noodles, chewy bars and more of the cheese for lunch. For dinner we had the bacon strips and crackers along with most of the leftovers. The next day we had the remainder of the apples on our way back.
I believe that the organization and managing of our food was actually quite good, I would give it a 4-.
Since our meals included all the food criteria, included a lot of variety and tasted decent, I believe we would deserve a 4- for this part of the evaluation too.

Although we needed to make adjustments, most of our meals matched our original menu plan. I would give us a 3+.

The meals were fairly easy to make. We just needed to boil the Mr. Noodles, the eggs were already cooked, and the bacon needed some baking. It was so hard to boil the water for the noodles that Jacob ended up losing his patience and throwing the water away at one point. Because of this, we did take a bit too long to make our lunch on the second day. For this I would give my group a 3+.
In the end, there was enough of everything for all our group members to eat and only the cheddar cheese and some of the crackers remained. Only the bacon was a bit scarce, but I don’t think we could have brought enough bacon. It just tasted too good. We deserved a 4-.

We did pretty well with the clean-up part of all the meals. Jacob would cook, Derek would put the garbage in bags, and Martin and I would put up the food bag. This rhythm remained for the whole trip, and our clean-up performance was pretty good. I would give us a 3 for this section of the trip.

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