Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Dutch Oven Pizza


Pizza dough (pre-made)
Pizza sauce
Mozzarella cheese




Spread oil in the dutch oven so the crust doesn't stick.
Place pizza dough in the dutch oven.
Spread pizza sauce over the dough.
Place cheese and toppings over the sauce as wanted (some toppings can be on top of the cheese, some on the bottom).
Prepare coals for the dutch oven.
Place about 5 hot briquettes under the dutch oven, and 12 on the top of the dutch oven.
Cook until the dough rises (if using real dough) or until the cheese melts (if using pre-made pizza crust).

This recipe is a great treat that can be made on a camping trip, as it isn't hard to prepare at all and it tastes really good. It's great because you can put any toppings on it that you want, and it's a good way to get rid of leftovers from breakfast, lunch or last nights dinner. The dough can be done as a pre made pizza crust or a home made dough, although if using home made dough it might take longer to cook. The pizza on the canoe trip worked out very well, however I would recommend bringing more than we did (4 pizza crusts for 15 people) since the dutch ovens are pretty small so you end up with a small pizza. Also, make sure to put less briquettes on the bottom and more on top since the bottom can burn very easily if too many briquettes are on the bottom, but you still want to be able to melt the cheese, so more briquettes are needed on top. Overall, it's a great recipe to make while on a camping trip and I highly recommend it!

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