Monday, June 9, 2014

Dutch Oven Giant Chocolate Chip Cookie

Giant Chocolate Chip Cookie

Rated: ****

2 Tubes of Pillsbury Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix
1 Bottle of Sealtest Whipped Cream
1 Bottle of Maraschino

Any kind of Pillsbury giant cookie could be made with the same instructions, this is an example of a chocolate chip one.

-First open the tubes of Pillsbury cookie dough and spread them across the bottom of the dutch oven, the layer of cookie should be about an inch and a half thick.
-Next put the cover on the Dutch oven, cover it with hot coals, and wrap it with aluminium foil.
-Check the cookie after 10 minutes, and after that every couple of minutes, to make sure that it is cooking evenly.
-Remove the cookie when it is thoroughly browned and cooked through.
-The cookie will be soft so let it cool and harden.
-Serve topped with whipped cream and a maraschino cherry.

Makes 20 boxed-cookie sized pieces.

This is a very tasty and incredibly simple recipe. It could be made either at home or on any camping trip provided you have dough for the cookie. It leaves lots of room for creativity regarding garnishing the cookie pieces. There is no link for this recipe as it was a group invention.    

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