Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Hawaiian Pizza

To get inspired before choosing our recipe, Leul and I looked on Pinterest.com, a trendy social network that is known for its amount of recipes as blog posts. We never settled on a recipe that was given to us by a pinterest user, but instead, we looked for inspiration and agreed upon making a Hawaiian Pizza. All our ingredients came from Farm Boy, following the advice that Tristan gave to me. We used two pre made pizza crusts and cut them to fit inside a dutch oven. We then added Farm Boy brand pizza sauce and mozzarella cheeses and ham.The final touch was the pineapples, this was a crucial part to making it great. I would definitely add them in again just to add the great smell and taste.

Ingredients(2 Pizzas):
2 X Farm Boy Pizza Sauce
1 X Farm Boy Pizza Sauce
2 X Regular thickness Maplewood Ham slices
1 X Pineapple (cut into little pieces)
1 X Mozzarella cheese Bag (250 g)

-Dutch oven (1 per pizza)
-20 coals (2 pizzas)
-Ove glove + tongs
-Tin Foil
-Fire tools and Fire starting tools

Heat up a total of 20 coals if you're making 2 pizzas, 10 coals if you're only making one. Assemble the pizza ingredients together in the oven before placing it near the coals and tin foil. When the coals are heated enough to be white (or 375 to 400 degrees F), place five under the Dutch oven and 5 on top but still contained under the tin foil. After folding the the tin foil in a manner that will allow the oven to receive maximum heat, let the pizza cook for 20-22 minutes. Avoid opening the lid at all costs, it lets heat escape and affects cook time drastically.

“Don’t open the lid, it’ won't cook as well!” -Leul Daniel
“Yeah I don’t know why, but Mr. Brouwer said we should use quotes” -Calum Jeacle

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