Friday, January 25, 2013

Tri Tip Teriyaki Steak Dutch Oven Recipe
Stars: ***** I Would make this at home!

Ingredients:    1 medium Tri Tip steak
1 can pineapple and juice
1 cup brown sugar
1 cup minced garlic
2 cups teriyaki sauce


1. Put all ingredients except steak in a large zip-loc bag and mix it together well.

2.Add the steak and let it marinate overnight in a cooler or fridge. Cut the steak into thin strips if you want it to cook faster.

3.Dump all the contents of the bag into a dutch oven that you have preheated. Cook until the steak is done to your taste. 

4. Enjoy something truly amazing- goes great with pasta, rice or potatoes. 

Line the bottom of the dutch oven with a foil pan/ pie plate.

One thing that worked out very well for me was the fire, I made a pile of coals in the center surrounded by wood. This produced enough heat to make good coals.
It was a very good thing I thought to bring something to line the oven with, because it prevented me from scraping all the burnt stuff off the oven. Easy as finish cooking and throw away the pie plate! 
After I had a pile of hot coals, I leveled them out and nestled my oven inside to preheat it. After a few minutes, I then placed the pie tray with the meat inside the oven. I checked on it every few minutes as it simmered and stirred to make sure the meat didn't burn. Because I had a good fire, I was done cooking in 20 minutes. This was the first time I had cooked steak in an oven, but it really worked well to keep in the flavor. 
When it looked done, i just lifted it off the fire, took it inside and enjoyed one of the best tasting meal I have had in a while.

Everyone should make this, with the exception of vegetarians. My only problem was a tiny but of liquid dripped out of the pie plate and got burned on the dutch oven, next time I will line it with foil.

Noah Johnson 

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