Thursday, January 24, 2013

Cheese Pizza

Dutch Oven Cheese Pizza

Stars: ****

-Pizza sauce

DEFROST THE DOUGH OVER NIGHT. Spread oil at the bottom of the dutch oven so that your dough will not stick. Spread the dough out at the bottom of the ductch oven until it covers the entire surface. Spread the pizza sauce on that dough. Sprinkle some cheese on there. You can always add meats and veggies if you'd like, but be aware of food intolereances/allergies.

One of the things Meagan and I did well, was starting the fire. We were able to start it almost right away, despite how many matches we had to use. Once we got started it was easy to feed the fire and keep it alive with the wood inside the garage.

From the very beginning, we started having troubles. Meagan had forgotten to defrost the dough in the fridge overnight so we were dealing with a frozen lump. As a solution, we tried to microwave it. It worked, but it also partially cooked the outside of out lump. We had to throw that part away.

Finding the coals in the sea of ash was something we found to be a challenge. Since the lumpy coals were all gone, we had to use the shards-like coals. The directions suggested that you placed the shards before you started the fire, so we somewhat had to wing it since we already started our fire. After that we found it extremely difficult to find the tiny shard fragments, so we decided to put what we could on the dutch oven lid and just hope it would work. Later we found out that our coals were not hot enough. Surprise. As the period was already over, we had to pack it up and wait for lunch to try cook it again.

When “later” came along, we had decided to make a fire on top of our dutch to cook it from above. This worked well but we removed the fire to check on the pizza too soon. With the fire extinguished and the pizza dough uncooked, we decided to just throw it in the oven for a few minutes.

Ultimately, it was very delicious. To anyone who wants to make it I would suggest that they use the lumpy coals or simply build a fire on top of your dutch oven, because the shards proved to be difficult to use.

By Jen Hauteclocque

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