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A simple recipe to provide you with a quick energy source for your outdoor activity that is delicious and easy to make.

Overall Recipe Rating: ****

-      3 whole bananas
-      ½ cup of honey

To spice up the honey banana, you may want to add the following to the honey prior to dipping the banana slices:
-      ¼ cup of lemon juice (to keep the color of the banana)
-      Sprinkle of nutmeg

1.   Slice bananas 1/8 to ¼ inch thick on an angle. Slice on an angle to make the banana slices longer.

2. Pour cream honey into a small bowl. Place bowl into a pot of water. Boil water. This will make the honey flow easier over the banana slices. Remove once the creamy honey has melted.

3.      Dip the bananas in the melted honey. Slide the banana up the side of the bowl to remove excess honey.

4.     Place sliced bananas on a rack on a cookie sheet.  Covered the cookie sheet prior to placing the coated banana slices on the rack. This will in aid in the clean-up process.

5. Cooking (dehydrate at 130°F (57°C) for 20 hours. Check periodically

6. Cook the bananas in your oven for 20 hours, or until they become chewy. This low temperature will dehydrate the banana sections.

Additional Flavor:
-      You can dip the banana chips in melted dark chocolate at your halfway point
-      Mix with nuts and other good stuff to make your own trail mix
-      You can put the banana chips on your yogurt or cereal.

-      If the banana chips are not dehydrated after the 20 hrs, try making smaller banana slices.

This recipe was really simple but turned out to taste amazing. The honey-banana chips are great at home as a nutritional snack or any as a snack during outdoor activity.

As  Survival food, three factors are important:
1)     Nutritional Food Value:
Banana: high in potassium, excellent source of Vitamin C and B6, and high dietary fiber
Honey: Contains Vitamin B6, 80% natural sugar (energy)

2)     Weight (has to be carried, smallest weight as possible)
Weight of the 3 bananas before dehydration = 0.54 kg
Weight of the 3 bananas after dehydration = 0.11 kg
Reduction in Weight = 83%

3)     Size / Volume (to be packed – smallest volume is required)
Before dehydration: Average Volume of 1 banana = 7.5in x 1.5in x 1.5in = 16.9in3
                                 Therefore, Average Volume of 3 bananas = 50.7 in3
After dehydration:  In bag, 9in x 2in x 1.0in = 18 in3
Reduction in Volume = 66%

Recipe Rating: (score of 1 -10)

Cooking Time
Overall Ease of Prep
Survival Food
41 / 50

< 20
21 – 30
31 – 40
41 - 50


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