Saturday, January 26, 2013

Fire Cookies

Dutch Oven-Fire Cookies
by Chelsea Maddock

rating ***

-Dad's Oatmeal Cookies
- Apple or Cherry pie filling

-1. Put 1 oatmeal cookie face down on the cooking surface
2. Add a tbsp ( or more) of pie filling on top of the cookie.
3. Put another oatmeal cookie on top
4. Wrap the "sandwich" in 1 layer of tin foil ( 2 if you are only using the fire)
5. Cook for about 10 min or until cookies become soft.
6. Remove and Enjoy!

Review of Recipe:
- main tip: cook over fire, not in a dutch oven.

When I chose to make fire cookies, it was not from a recipe that I found online, but was something that I often make while camping. Usually. this recip[e is made simply by placing the tin foiled cookies in the fire but I thought it would be a good idea to try and cook it in the dutch oven.

The main issue that I had was not with the recipe, but with the recipe, but more so with the fire. Even after I lit my fire, it was very small and it didn't look like the coals were going to heat up on time, so another group let me add coals to their fire after they were finished for my dutch oven. Once all of the coals were heated up ( after a lng while) and the cookies were in the dutch oven, I brought it outside to start setting up the oven. As soon as I added the tin foil around the oven, I realize that there was going to be a problem. The tin foil kept blowing away and wouldn't stay in place. Luckily, the recipe itself didn;t take a long time to cook and were done in only a few minutes. There were still a few cookies that there wasn't enough room for in the dutch oven, so I decided to throw those into the fire to cook. Those cookies were done in less than 5 min.

A "pro" for this recipe would be that it required no cleaning of the dutch oven. It is also a recipe that requires very little preparation.  This recipe is great for camping, but I would reccomend that you cook it over the fire rather than a dutch oven since the cookies cooked faster and they were softer. Some people prefered the dutch oven cookies since they were harder, so it's all about personal preference.

No bibliography since it was just something I knew how to make and not where it came from.

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