Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Apple Fluff


Dutch oven

Servers 6 - 8


-          Dutch oven

-          Mixing bowl

-          Zip-log baggie

-          Spoon, knife


-          6 eggs

-          1.5 cups flour

-          1.5 cups milk

-          1Tbsp lemon juice (I added this to keep apples from browning)

-          1 tsp. salt

-          ¾ stick of butter (just under ½ cup)

-          2 apples (Granny Smith) (Note: I used 3 apples for slightly larger recipe)

-          3 Tbsp. cinnamon

-          ½ cup sugar

-          Syrup, jelly, powdered sugar, or other topping


1.      Place Dutch oven on coals to warm.

2.      Whip eggs in bowl.

3.      Stir milk, flour, and salt into eggs.

4.      Put sugar and cinnamon in baggie.

5.      Melt butter in low-heated Dutch oven. Swirl butter around to coat the Dutch oven.

6.      Put apple slices in baggie and shake to coat with cinnamon and sugar.

7.      Cover bottom of Dutch oven with coated apple slices.

8.      Pour batter over apple slices.

9.      Bake at 375 degrees for 20 min, rotating oven and lid every 5 minutes or so.

10.  Cut into center of Apple Fluff with a knife to check doneness.

11.  Bake until batter is cooked through.

When served, top with syrup, jelly, peanut butter, or powdered sugar.


-          Coat apples with lemon juice before placing in bag to prevent browning

-          For easier preparation, mix apple slices with cinnamon and sugar in a large plastic bag. This can make packing easier if taking on a camping trip.

All in all, this was a pretty good recipe. I’m not sure if preparing the apples in the plastic bag in advance was a good idea or not – a lot of moisture came out of the apples overnight. However, the fluff was not overly moist, so…? There were a few setbacks to the setup. The wind was fighting against my efforts a little – it blew out my fire and blew away my aluminum foil. The cold temperature started to freeze my batter while I was getting the coals ready. I also misread the recipe (line #9) – I stirred the Apple Fluff in the pot instead of rotating the oven and lid. However, I think this helped speed up the cooking process as well.  I think the recipe turn out well and people seemed to like it.

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