Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Pepperoni and cheese pizza By:

Trevor Leslie and Brianna Champagne

Rating ****


1 box of instantpizza dough mix (per pizza)

add water

tomato sauce

grated cheese

pepperoni  (addother ingredients to your licking)

butter to greasepan

Mix water intothe instant pizza dough. Knead until doughy conisistency. Grease panthen spread dough along the bottom. Then spread tomato sauce andcheese. Place toppings as desired on top of pizza. Place 8 coalsunder then 13 coals on top and check on pizza so not to burn it.Remove coals when pizza crust is firm and the cheese is melted.

Hints: make surenot to add too much water to the pizza mix because then it wont turninto dough. We did this and had to add more flour to make the doughthicker.

We decided to make Pizza to shake things up a little bit, and to add a little variety instead of another dessert. We decided to make it on a day 2, so that everyone could enjoy it around lunch time. This pizza recipe worked really well! We were a little skeptical at the beginning because the dough was so thin, but it rose quite nicely! It also cooked in a timely fashion all the way through, didnt stick to the bottom of the dutch oven, didn't burn, and it was done quickly and efficiently. Also, it tasted great! We heard nothing but great responses from our classmates and teacher. We highly recommend this recipe, for a quick, warm, hardy meal.

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