Monday, September 3, 2012

Fruit Rolls

Easy Fruit Rolls 

Recipe rating: ***** delicious I will make this food for any occasion


1 package of any Jell-O packet you have.
1 jar any flavor applesauce (used as the base of the fruit roll)

You can flavor your fruit rolls with fresh pureed fruit, powdered flavored gelatin, or with coconut or nuts. (Get creative!) Just mix it in or sprinkle on top before drying.
Spray a fruit roll sheet (lightly) with any type of cooking spray. Place several tablespoons of applesauce on a fruit roll sheet, to make small roll-ups. Spread to 1/4 thickness, so they’re about 4" in diameter. You can fit 6-8 on a fruit roll sheet, depending on how large you make them. Then sprinkle on the Jell-O to make it so it sticks together and mix them together well by stirring gently. Place in tray of dehydrator. Dehydrate at 140° for approximately 5-7 hours or until top of fruit roll is tacky. Remove, roll-up and place in a zip-lock bag.
What went successful in this recipe was that it tasted real good and that it was really easy to make.
What I would Change to make it better would be to add more apple sauce next time and also to take out the fruit roll ups off the tray right after I took them out of the dehydrator/oven because when Thomas waited too long to let them cool off he had a very difficult time taking them off the tray so that is definitely something to change next time we make that recipe.
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